Since 1987 the Company Taverna has been growing native and international vine varieties, as we have worked with Institute of Enology from Conegliano Veneto on the process of experimentation with the following varieties: native such as Greco, Primitivo and  Aglianico; non-native such as Syrah, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Bianco and Montepulciano.
From this experimentation several varieties has joined the Basilicata IGT procedural guideline.
Our vineyards are grown over 20-hectares with both hanging and espalier systems. Our vineyards overlook the Gulf of Taranto, among the Pollino Massif and the Jonian Sea.
With a new technically excellent winery built in 2007, our Company leads the way for innovative and modern wine making for the territory of Basilicata.


“No man alive is free of faults: the best of us is him who’s burdened with the least…
If you really expect a friend not to be offended By your boils, pardon him his warts: it’s only fair that he forgives who asks forgiveness for his faults.”

(Horace, The Satires – I Book, III Satire)